Which Hurricane Screen Is Best for Me?

Living in Florida means that you need to have some kind of hurricane protection for your home. There are many options to choose from, and one of the most popular is hurricane screens. Hurricane screens come in two styles – one that is deployable when needed and can be stored in your garage or even under your bed, and one that is permanently mounted and can roll down in seconds. Hurricane screens can be installed on your home or business that are used to cover doors and windows and even larger areas, such as outdoor spaces or patios.

How Do Hurricane Screens Work?

When permanently installed hurricane screens are similar to roll-down shutters. They move up and down quickly and smoothly on a track. The fabric and motors are hidden away in a sleek, clean housing box.  These screens will open and close using an electric motor and are very easy to deploy. In the event that you lose power manual overrides are available, which is a good option to have since storms can cause widespread power outages.

The deployable screens require a little more labor by the home owner. Although easy to deploy, they will need to attach each anchor point of the screen to the professionally mounted anchors in the exterior walls of the home or business.

Do You Need Hurricane Screens?

Experts agree that you need hurricane protection regardless of where you live in Florida. The Florida Building Code states that hurricane screens are some of the most effective products to provide this protection. While hurricane screens are not your only option when it comes to protecting your home, one of the best features is that the home owner can still see out their windows and yet be fully protected from a storm. At Home Safety Solutions, we offer a variety of hurricane screens to best protect your home!

Hurricane Screens Vs. Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane screens are like hurricane shutters in the way that they both serve the function of being a barrier to protect your property from flying objects and winds. However, there are some differences that make them unique and the right choice for you. Hurricane screens are flexible since they are made from a durable fabric instead of rigid polycarbonate or metal. Hurricane screens can enclose your patio to create a safe room for the patio furniture, grill, and anything you do not want to bring into your home during a storm.

Types of Hurricane Screens

Home Safety Solutions offers three types of hurricane screens so that you can find the right one for your space.

  1. Fabric Shield

These screens are made with a material that is reinforced to offer the most protection. The lightweight nature of this option makes it easy to remove and install. Fabric Shield is one of the most popular choices, and each screen is fitted to the size of your window or opening.

  1. EZ Max Screens

These screens come in a material using 25-mil polypropylene that is lightweight and strong. With each screen, you get a separate set of buckle fasteners to be installed by hand. Many consumers like the storage bags that they come in because they are convenient to store in the closet, garage, or backyard until you need them. These screens are easy to maintain and won’t weaken with rain exposure and sunlight. EZ Max screens don’t change the appearance of your home with folded shutters or rails and will be a more budget-friendly option when compared to aluminum shutters.

  1. Atlas Armor

These hurricane screens are made using a polyester blend. This fabric features some of the same material that is used to make bulletproof vests. It provides optimum hurricane protection and roll-down screens are cut to the specifications of your home.

Hurricane screens can be installed in different ways and having professional installation assistance will ensure you have the right type of anchoring system to use. For example, the buckle and strap system is one of the most versatile ways to install an EZ screen. Atlas Armor screens will be permanently attached to make sure that you can use them for shade protection in addition to hurricane protection. Contact our team for help with installing your hurricane screens this season.

Pros of Hurricane Screens

There are several reasons why hurricane screens may be the right choice for you.

Hurricane screens are fast and easy to deploy. These screens can close and open quickly and with minimal effort. This is true whether you have manual or automatic screens. Most can be deployed in just a minute, which makes preparing your home easy when a hurricane is on the way.

One main benefit of hurricane screens is that you can see through them since they are made from a mesh instead of a rigid material, allowing you to see what is going on outside when they are closed and letting the natural light through. You may enjoy having natural light come through during the storm if you experience a power outage. Even though screens let in light, they are still effective at providing shade and blocking out UV rays. Many people choose hurricane screens because they are more enjoyable and functional than shutters which block out your space when in use.

If you have a lot of wide openings in your home, then hurricane screens may be the right choice for you. Depending on the location, they can be used to cover larger openings. This means you can cover most large spaces with no gaps. No matter how your porch or opening is we can make it hurricane protected.

If you are worried about the look of hurricane screens on your home, you will find that they have a minimal effect on the appearance Screens have a smaller housing box when compared to other types of rolling shutters that are made from other materials such as aluminum. This means they are a good choice for those who don’t want the look of a large housing box and they take up less real estate on the home, preserving the aesthetic of your home while protecting it.

Hurricane screens are a larger investment than other types of hurricane protection. While they may be more expensive up front, the protection provided by hurricane screens is unmatched.  Hurricane screens are effective for hurricane protection, are easy to use, and are attractive, which helps their value increase. Since they also act as an outdoor privacy and security screen many people choose this option for their homes giving themselves a new feature with two separate functions. Those who purchase hurricane screens may also find them less expensive than impact windows or roll-down hurricane shutters which are alternate options for a similar level of protection.

Additionally, there are a lot of color and track options to match your home. You likely want your hurricane protection to blend in with your home, so it doesn’t detract from it during the hurricane off-season. You can find several color options to match your color scheme and home style.

Hurricane screens are easier to handle since they are a fraction of the weight of aluminum and other metal storm panels. While it is best to have them professionally installed so you can make sure to get the right anchoring system and the right choice for your home, you can also install them yourself since they are lightweight. This saves you energy during hurricane season. There are no sharp edges on the screens that could cause injury during the installation and deployment process either.

Talk to our team at Home Safety Solutions to determine which type of hurricane protection is the best fit for you.

Choose the Right Hurricane Protection for Your Home with the Help of a Professional

You don’t want to skimp on hurricane protection. Hurricanes are just a fact of life here in Florida, so you need to be sure to secure your doors and windows with the best protection. Hurricane screens might be the right choice for you! At Home Safety Solutions, we are here to help provide you with the highest quality screens and other hurricane protection options. If you aren’t sure about which screen is the right choice for you, talk with our team today!