Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters provide substantial protection against hurricane force winds, flying debris, theft and forced entry. Our accordion shutters meet and surpass all newly imposed building guidelines and requirements for the construction and installation of shutters.

Unlike other shutters, the accordion shutter requires no vertical support bars. This unique design makes the accordion shutter ideal for large spans of glass and large openings where a clear view is desired. In addition, they reduce noise and provide privacy.

  • Accordion shutters are constructed to deliver safe and reliable storm protection and security
  • Ideal shutter for large spans of glass and large openings where a clear view is desired
  • Strong, yet made of lightweight aluminum, for fast, easy installation
  • The accordion shutter can move from left-to-right or right-to-left. For larger areas it can have a center opening, so that half the shutter moves toward the right and the other half to the left.
  • When open, the blades of the accordion shutter stack out of view at the ends of the track
  • Designed with an interlocking blade system and felt-lined tracks on silicone-impregnated wheels that reduce noise and provides free gliding movements
  • Accordion shutters are engineered to meet the most stringent building codes
  • Florida Building Code Approved FBC #FL13987



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