Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are designed to stand up to the challenge of high-velocity hurricane winds. Our hurricane windows, also called impact rated windows, are more than just windows; they can protect your home against the elements, providing unparalleled protection during hurricanes and storms. Our windows are manufactured by Eastern Architectural Systems, featuring impact glass with the Made in the USA certification.

Home Safety Solutions offers impact rated windows to fit your every need. Our impact glass is also available in sliding glass doors with similar features as the average window! We only use top-of-the-line glass which is not only proven to prevent foreign objects from entering your home during a storm, but our doors and windows also feature an optional layer of argon gas that insulates your home and helps to regulate the temperature inside.

Why Choose Hurricane Windows?

Ultimate Defense:
Designed to be the front line against air and water penetration, Eastern Architectural’s windows feature a fusion-welded frame and sash, delivering unmatched strength, stability, and rigidity to withstand high winds and hurricanes. In addition to shielding your home from the fierce forces of nature, our hurricane-rated windows also provide an unparalleled level of safety, capable of withstanding direct blows from a hammer, thus significantly enhancing your protection against break-ins and unauthorized entry.

Effortless Maintenance:
The tilt sash feature on single-hung windows ensures a smooth, hassle-free cleaning experience so you can enjoy crystal-clear views without the effort.

Efficient Protection:
Enhance your windows’ performance with insulated impact glass – a powerful choice for both added security and energy efficiency. Eastern Architectural’s windows are manufactured with a T-bar in the sash and frame, making the window pane resistant to prying attempts and offering superior protection from break-ins. Additionally, Low E glass coatings are applied to the internal surfaces to intelligently separate heat and light energy, ensuring your home stays comfortable in any weather.

Features and Benefits That Make a Difference

Enhanced Thermal Performance:
Our windows go above and beyond with a thermal barrier that is 12% thicker (.070”) than most alternatives, ensuring better insulation for your space. Made with a layer of argon gas, these hurricane windows help reflect outside heat to keep the inside temperature controlled.

Smooth Operation, Minimal Maintenance:
Experience the ease of operation with stainless steel constant force coil pack balancers, providing a smooth and maintenance-free window experience.

Optimized Water Management:
No need to worry about driving rain – our windows feature a weeped saddleback sill system for maximized water runoff.

Variety of Colors:
Choose a color that suits your style and enhances your home’s curb appeal. Options include classic White, warm Desert Sand, Jet Black, and a bold Bronze exterior with a welcoming White interior.

Home Safety Solutions Hurricane Window Installation

Elevate your home’s safety and style with impact rated windows. Contact us today for a free quote. Call Home Safety Solutions at (813) 814-2236 or Request a Quote on our website for more information. Let us help you discover the perfect hurricane-resistant window solution for your home.