UltraShield Hurricane Screen

UltraShield by ESS™: Your Year Round Protection

Embrace year-round tranquility with our UltraShield hurricane screen by ESS™, the quintessential shield for indoor and outdoor spaces. Crafted for uncompromising protection against weather, pesky insects, harmful UV rays, and suitable for commercial resilience, UltraShield is the epitome of screening excellence.


Key Features:

  • Exclusive UltraShield Technology: The proprietary UltraShield Reinforced Polyester Fabric not only meets but surpasses the Florida Building Code for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (also known as HVHZ, the State of Florida’s Miami-Dade equivalent) and standards for wind load and impact resistance (FL42141).
  • Innovative Operation: Experience seamless operation with a patent-pending self-tensioning track system, enhanced by a frictionless composite PVC track liner, perfect for windy days.
  • Robust Design: A reinforced bottom bar coupled with aluminum end retention brackets and a patented self-adjusting mechanism ensures stability on uneven floors. Additionally, the advanced zipper, tested at 300 lbs pull per inch, is doubly secured for lasting durability.
  • Sleek and Functional: Choose from hand-operated, gear-operated, or motorized options, including eco-friendly solar-powered systems. Activate UltraShield’s motorized multi-functional screen with a mere button press for an effortless defense against intrusions of all kinds. Motorized screens are equipped with industry-renowned Somfy motors which are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Available in 6” or 7” aluminum housing, 4” or 5” aluminum roller tubes, and a robust self-tensioning track, UltraShield screens offer six elegant colors to complement your home’s aesthetic. Additionally, a 5-year warranty on manufactured components as well as a 15-year limited warranty on UltraShield Hurricane Fabric underscores ESS’s commitment to quality. Proudly crafted by ESS Manufacturing, Inc., UltraShield screens not only secure but enhance your living space.

UltraShield Hurricane Screen by ESS™ – Your home’s unwavering protector, blending innovation with elegance.

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