Best Types of Hurricane Shutters for Category 5 Hurricanes

Florida residents know how important it is to hurricane-proof the windows, doors, and other openings of their properties. The stronger the hurricane, the greater the need for hurricane protection. Hurricane shutters are designed to prevent home damage during hurricane force winds. Shutters are made to protect openings which can be penetrated during a strong storm and are therefore a must-have for full protection. Shutters are also a more budget-friendly option than impact glass for high-quality protection. But how do you know which type of shutter to use, especially when a strong hurricane is heading your way?

Here are Home Safety Solution’s tips for choosing the right shutters for your home for hurricanes.

How to Choose Hurricane Shutters

There are a few factors to keep in mind when searching for the best hurricane shutters for your home!


When it comes to durability, you’ll want to choose the strongest materials you can to defend your windows against the wind. The material you choose will determine the ability of the shutter to protect from flying debris, and how well it resists the wind and water. Shutters are often made from aluminum, polycarbonate, or fabric. Each material has its strengths, but the harder the material, the less flex it has when hit by a flying projectile.

Look and Type

Depending on the style of your home, Colonial or Bermuda shutters could be the right choice. These strong aluminum shutters feature a number of different designs that can complement the home. You can also choose colors for the shutters to match your home. The type of shutters you choose will impact the look and how much light is let into your home.


If your shutters are not going to be permanently attached to the home, then you will need to determine where to store your shutters. Fabric and panels will need to be stored when not in use. Colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, and roll-down units will allow you to have hurricane protection without the need to store them.

Ease of Use

You don’t want hurricane shutters that are too difficult to use, and the good thing is that our Home Safety Solutions shutters are designed for ease of use. The easiest ones to use are roll down shutters that operate with a motor – all you will need to do is push a button on a remote! Others can be pulled down or cranked by hand, so know which ones you are choosing, and the locations you intend to have them installed when it comes to selecting ones for your home.

Code Compliance

Properly installed hurricane shutters are required to meet load and pressure requirements of the state and local building codes. Make sure to have your shutters inspected by your municipality’s building department after they have been installed to ensure they meet compliance.


Most hurricane shutters should be professionally installed, and this may include an extra cost. Factor this into your budget. Installation is the most important part of the process, so you don’t want to skimp.

Installation Matters with Any Type of Hurricane Shutter

No matter what type of hurricane shutter you choose, it’s important that you get them properly installed, typically by a professional. Each manufacturer will have its own engineering and specifications. Therefore it’s important that you have your shutter installed by a professional who has the right experience and tools for the job to protect your home best.

Types of Hurricane Shutter

Home Safety Solutions offers a variety of professional hurricane shutters and installation services! Take a look at the hurricane shutter options we have to protect you and your home from most any storm, all of which meet Florida’s stringent building code requirements.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters do what you expect them to do. You can roll them down when you need them ahead of an impending storm and then roll them back up after the storm has passed. These types of shutters are made from durable aluminum and can also give you some extra privacy without ruining the aesthetic of your home. Rolling shutters can also improve your home’s energy efficiency since you can use them to control solar heat gain during the hottest times of the day or the year. To make rolling shutters easiet to use, choose a model that can be controlled by a remote or wall switch.

Panel Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane panels can come in polycarbonate, aluminum, or fabric but they don’t have the same style options as other options. If you choose polycarbonate, you can still have a clear view of outside your home. Fabric storm panels are an economical option for protecting your home. In most cases, they are light and easy to deploy after their anchors have been professionally installed. However, they need to be folded or rolled up and stored away when not needed. Fabric storm panels allow some light into the home so you won’t be living in complete darkness during the storm, and some are even screens that can be seen through. They aren’t necessarily attractive, though, so you’ll want to store once you are in the clear of a storm.

Colonial Shutters

If you are thinking of more attractive window shutters, you may have thought of colonial shutters. These types of shutters are customized to your home’s windows and come in a full palette of colors. They are a good option for a homeowner who doesn’t want to compromise storm protection or style. Louvered panels get attached to the home’s siding on both sides of the window. When you need to protect your home, you fold the shutters in toward each other. Decorative colonial shutters have typically been made from wood or plastic in, but hurricane-rated ones are made of strong, low-maintenance aluminum. You can also add a powder coat finish to resist corrosion from salt water and help them last longer, especially in coastal settings.

Bermuda Shutters/Bahama Shutters

What makes these shutters unique is the ability to open up the shutter and extend the arms when there is no hurricane. This means they have a second function as a source of shade. These shutters are a popular choice in the south and tropical areas, which is where they get the name. There are different types of styles to choose from and they can be selected from a shop selection or custom-made, and some even have articulating blades. Bermuda shutters can be secured more quickly than colonial shutters, but they will block out more light, even if they are fully open.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are manually unfolded from the sides in an accordion style, which is how they get their name. To offer protection, they are locked into place where each side meets. These shutters are typically the most affordable of the types that are permanently installed on a home. They are attached to the sides of the window instead of overhead so they can look a little bulkier than roll downs. However, these types of shutters can be a good choice for a home with larger doors and windows. Some accordion shutters come with weather-tight construction and a secure locking system to add more protection.

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